China Makes Strides in Intellectual Property Law


Posted on May 31, 2011 at 9:05 PM

Through new changes made by the National Intellectual Property Strategy Office, a new basis for IP lawyers in China will be created.  There are 6 main sections for change in the newly released ‘2011 Action Plan on China’s Intellectual Property Rights Protection.’  Changes will be made with respect to enhanced IP training, revision and formulation of IP laws, increased enforcement of IP related law, development of IP services as well as a promotion of IP culture through exchange and expansion.  Lawyers see the changes as a solid opportunity for growth in IP protection.  As reported in the ALB Centre, by Cecilia Liu, Carol Wang said “Despite previous guidelines/action plans for IP right protection released by the Chinese government, this year’s action plan has provided greater clarity on a variety of levels.”  Wang goes on to further support the thought that the 2011 Action Plan is the strongest set of laws released thus far with respect to China’s IP rights protection.  She also speaks of the joint effort taken towards a stronger stance towards IP right infringement since the launch of Sword Action, “a nationwide effort to combat IP right infringements and the production and sales of counterfeited and forged commodities.”  Wang explains how she feels “the plan will create a better platform for lawyers to solve IP related issues.”  According to a report released by the Supreme People’s Court of PRC, there has been a 40% increase in civil cases involving intellectual property rights in the past year further proving how important this action plan will be in the upcoming year.  The steps China is taking to enhance its IP laws will have great impact on lawyers, as the new changes will open up opportunities for lawyers to work in the Asia market with the growing number of IP cases.

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