Lovells and Hogan & Hartson Discuss Merger Prospect


Posted on October 20, 2009 at 8:10 PM

UK firm Lovells and US firm Hogan & Hartson have been in discussions about a possible merger that could be finalized before the end of April 2010 pending both partnerships agreeing to the deal. A team from each firm is planned to be present at the other firm’s partnership meetings sometime later this year, with the team representing Hogan & Hartson headed by chairman Warren Gorrel and finance managing partner Prentiss Feagles, and managing partner David Harris, senior partner John Young, and litigation chief Patrick Sherrington leading the Lovells team.

Lovells will mention Hogan & Hartson’s merit-based pay system as the main selling point as it has been moving in that direction as of recent. If the merger goes through, the name of the new firm is likely to be Hogan Lovells with a combined 2,532 lawyers, and management from both firms are expected to fully integrate financially.

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