Office Openings- 9/27/2010


Posted on September 27, 2010 at 7:09 PM

Lee Eng Beng, the new managing director of Rajah & Tann, will take control of the Singapore firm and aims to expand the proportion of turnover derived overseas to 50 percent in five years. Lee will take over as managing partner from October 1st, 2010.  The firm currently has offices in Shanghai, Laos and Kuala Lampur. Lee expects to add on to these locations Vietnam and Cambodia as well as strengthen their presence in Malaysia and China. The Vietnam office will be up and running within a few months and the Cambodian office will be operational next year.

WongPartnership has received approval to open its second China representative office in Beijing. WongPartnership is not the only contender in the growing representative markets in China. This year, Latham & Watkins and Australian firm Minter Ellison, as well as others have expanded their firms’ reach out of Shanghai and into Beijing in order to target larger companies and SOEs. The new Beijing office will be the firm’s fourth overseas office, the previous offices situated in Shanghai, Qatar and Abu Dhabi.  WongPartnership’s Shanghai office has already been operational for six years, during which time, the firm has won many mandates on Sino-Singaporean deals.

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